WRc Innovation Day

The WRc's Innovation Day will be held in Swindon - UK on April 29, 2015

The theme for our 2015 event is “Innovation in Action” - there will be a mix of excellent speakers, innovative technology demonstrations, interactive sessions and great networking opportunities with over 350 guests expected from across the sectors to celebrate innovation

Malvern develops, manufactures and markets analytical instruments that are used to investigate, understand and control the properties of dispersed systems. These systems range from proteins and polymers in solution, particle and nanoparticle suspensions and emulsions, to sprays, aerosols, bulk powders and high concentration slurries. Malvern will showcase a fully working Zetasizer WT measuring the Zeta potential in real time; collaboration partners from Severn Trent will also be available to discuss the trial experience at their facility

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