2nd Annual European MicroCal Meeting

The Second Annual European MicroCal Meeting, to be held this September 26th-27th at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, is co-organized by Malvern Instruments, Institut Pasteur and ARBRE European molecular biophysics network. The meeting is open to all those interested in learning about microcalorimetry applications, best practices, advanced data analysis, and the latest developments in both isothermal titration and differential scanning calorimetry (ITC and DSC).  Expert users, beginners, and non-users interested in learning about these important technologies, from Europe and beyond, will all be given a warm welcome.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for attendees to share and broaden their experiences and network with others using calorimetry technologies, during application-specific oral presentations, poster sessions, panel discussions and workshops. Seminars and roundtables will be presented and hosted by European microcalorimetry experts and thought leaders, spanning a variety of topics (please see "Agenda" tab). Malvern MicroCal application scientists will also be on hand to answer any queries, and several microcalorimetric systems will be on display throughout the meeting. 


Geoff Holdgate, AstraZeneca, Cambridge, UK

Sophie Rahuel-Clermont,Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

Daumantas Matulis, Vilnius University, Lithuania

Kasper Huus, Novo Nordisk, Denmark

Frederic Greco, Sanofi Pasteur, France

François Devred, Université Aix-Marseille, France

Adrian Velazquez Campoy, Zaragoza University, Spain

Margarida Bastos, Porto University, Portugal

Isabel Alves, CBMN, Bordeaux, France

Kristoffer Brannstrom, , Umea University, Sweden

Cameron Mackereth, IECB, Bordeaux, France

Olivier Braissant, Basel University, Switzerland

Peter Westh, Roskilde University, Denmark

Anne-Marie Lambeir, Antwerp University, Belgium

Pascal Zihlmann, Basel University, Switzerland

Anne Imberty, CERMAV-CNRS, Grenoble, France

Laurent Boutellier,, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France

Joe Coyle, Astex Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, UK

David Landy, Université du Littoral, Dunkerque, France

Eric Ennifar, Strasbourg University, France

Eva Munoz, Affinimeter, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Angel Pineiro, AFFINImeter

David Staunton, Oxford University, UK

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Conference Fees : EUR 100.00 / person

The registration fee covers all conference materials, coffee breaks, lunch, and Welcome Reception

Gala dinner (extra) : EUR 50.00 / person 

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We are currently accepting abstracts for posters 

Deadline for abstract submissions:  September 19th, 2016

Please email an abstract of 20 lines (Arial 12) in MicroSoft Word format (Poster Submission template) to Jocelyne Fraysse and Michel Terray

Poster size should be A0 (Vertical). 

For complementary information, please email Jocelyne Fraysse and Michel Terray  

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Isabel Alves (Bordeaux, France) 
Margarida Bastos (Porto, Portugal) 
Patrick England (Paris, France) 
Eric Ennifar (Strasbourg, France) 
Chris Johnson (Cambridge, UK)
Daumantas Matulis (Vilnius, Lithuania)  
Eva Munoz (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)  
Adrian Velazquez-Campoy (Zaragoza, Spain)    

On behalf of Malvern MicroCal : 

Aymeric Audfray (Lyon, France) 
Natalia Markova (Malvern, UK)