Residual Stress analysis usign Stress Plus Software - September

This course is part of the X-ray Diffraction Advanced Applications Courses (XRD AAC) week. It is intended for both new and existing users of Empyrean and X’Pert series diffractometers. For the new users the full advantage of the course will be gained if the Stress course is taken after the Essentials of X-Ray Diffraction course. Theoretical aspects of Residual Stress analysis using XRD and discussion of possible measurement geometries and instrument setup will be followed by extended practical sessions. The main purpose of the course is to teach you how to choose and execute the most appropriate measurement type and analysis strategy suitable for your sample, starting from sample alignment, choice of the wavelength and of the peak position to be analysed, optimization of data collection, all the way to the analysis of the results using the Stress software.

As a participant you are encouraged to bring with you one or two of your characteristic samples together with the corresponding sample submission forms and safety data sheets (included in registration packet).

During the course the following aspects will be covered:
Fundamentals of Residual Stress evaluation using XRD
Measurement strategies and set-up of data collection for residual stress
Verification and calibration of the set-up with a stress-free sample
Chi-tilt and omega-offset stress methods
Stress analysis of textured materials and GI-Stress

This is a paid course: Standard Industry $800 per day or Academic $400 per day

Complimentary coffee, tea, breakfast snack and lunch will be provided. The customer is responsible for all other costs of hotel, transportation and additional meals.

Please register to secure your place as seating is limited to keep the course small for the benefit of the attendees and hands-on availability.

We reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances, such as weather. In the case of cancellation due to low enrollment, we will notify attendees by e-mail and/or by phone 2-3 weeks prior to a class, if not sooner.