Histology services


Concept Life Sciences Histology utilizes the latest laboratory equipment and cutting-edge technologies to provide end-to-end histology services. We follow the guidelines set out by GCP and therefore can support projects throughout the drug discovery and development process, from early-stage R&D through to clinical trials. 

Concept Life Sciences Histology is set up to Source, Process, Stain, Image, and Analyze tissue.  

[CLS histology tissue analysis flow diagram.jpg] CLS histology tissue analysis flow diagram.jpg

Areas of expertise

  • Immunology
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Fibrosis
  • Neuroscience

Staining approaches

Staining approaches provided by Concept Life Sciences Histology include:

  • Staining dyes
    e.g., H&E, Alcian blue, Picrosirius red

  • Single and multiplex chromogenic immunohistochemistry (IHC)
    e.g., DAB, red, green

  • Single and multiplex immunofluorescence (IF)
    up to 8-plex (9-colour incl. DAPI)

  • RNAscope
    mRNA detection; up to 4-plex

  • Mixed multiplex detection
    IHC/IF (protein) + RNAscope (mRNA)

Our use of the latest laboratory equipment, including the Leica BOND RX Research Stainer and Vectra PolarisTM imaging system enables us to fully automate many of our staining approaches enabling us to deliver a robust, reliable, and high-throughput service.

Staining dye
[CLS Histology staining dye HE.jpg] CLS Histology staining dye HE.jpg
(human NSCLC)
Staining dye
[CLS Histology staining dye alcian blue.jpg] CLS Histology staining dye alcian blue.jpg
Alcian blue 
(human colon)
Chromogenic IHC
[CLS Histology chromogenic IHC CD3 haematocylin.jpg] CLS Histology chromogenic IHC CD3 haematocylin.jpg
CD3, Haematoxylin 
(human NSCLC)
2-plex IHC
[CLS Histology 2-plex ICH mouse.jpg] CLS Histology 2-plex ICH mouse.jpg
CD8, CD31, Haematoxylin
(mouse spleen)
[CLS Histology IF human.jpg] CLS Histology IF human.jpg
(human NSCLC)
2-plex IF
[CLS Histology 2-plex IF mouse kidney.jpg] CLS Histology 2-plex IF mouse kidney.jpg
PanCK, C4d, DAPI
(mouse kidney)
3-plex IF
[CLS Histology 3-plex IF human tonsil.jpg] CLS Histology 3-plex IF human tonsil.jpg
CD68, CD8, PanCK, DAPI 
(human tonsil)
4-plex IF
[CLS Histology 4-plex IF human tonsil.jpg] CLS Histology 4-plex IF human tonsil.jpg
PD-L1, PD-1, CD4, CD8, DAPI 
(human tonsil)
[CLS Histology RNAscope HeLa cellsl.jpg] CLS Histology RNAscope HeLa cellsl.jpg
(HeLa cells)

8-plex (9-colour) IF

Concept Life Sciences Histology offers simultaneous imaging of up to 8 markers (proteins) + DAPI (nuclear stain) on a single tissue section. This can provide morphological, pathological, and spatial information of the juxtaposition of different cell types, which can be quantified by image analysis. 

Image right: CD3, CD8, CD4, FoxP3, CD68, Ki67, PanCK, DAPI with OpalTM Multiplex Detection Reagents imaged using the Vectra PolarisTM from PerkinElmer (human CRC)

Tissue biomarkers

Specialized IHC staining approaches utilized during preclinical and clinical drug discovery research provide valuable insights into the location and positioning of biomarkers (cell types) within tissue. 

Our knowledge, expertise and pragmatic approach to antibody selection and validation can facilitate demonstration of novel and challenging biomarkers in situ, providing high-value data.

Image right: Human tonsil - T cells (CD3), Cytotoxic T cells (CD8), Regulatory T cells (FoxP3), Myeloid cells (CD68), Epithelial cells (PanCK), Proliferating cells (Ki67), Nuclei (DAPI)