In-situ microscopy and image analysis

Measure size and shape of particles, droplets, or bubbles

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The SOPAT Probe is an inline process particle measurement technique that analyses particle sizes and distributions in real-time (0.9 – 26,000 microns). The technology is based on high quality photo-optical image acquisition, integrated with an innovative image analysis soft¬ware. Particles like drops, bubbles, grains and cells are rapidly and reliably analysed even when present in high concentrations.

The SOPAT probe removes the need for complex sample extraction systems, lowering your cost for installation and maintenance. It enables sample analysis in its natural state, requiring no dilution and reducing product waste for analysis. SOPAT is also versatile, able to be applied at a laboratory of production scale, facilitating technology transfer and process scale-up.


Bringing the measurement to the sample

  • Removes for need for complex sample extraction systems – ease of installation and lower maintenance. 
  • Enables sample analysis in natural state – no dilution or waste.
  • Can be applied at laboratory or production scale – facilitates technology transfer and process scale-up.
  • Application-specific probe design to fit your specific needs.

Application Examples

SOPAT provides quantitative information you can use regarding particle size, shape, and morphology to better detect and control changes in your process and product. SOPAT has been used in vast industries including biologicals, food products, crude oil, metals, and polymers.

Bubble and droplets




Differentiation of particle types


Heterotroph algae




Suspensions, powders, and crystals


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