This course is part of the X-ray Diffraction Advanced Applications Courses (XRD AAC) week. It is intended for users seeking to expand their knowledge on thin film analysis of single crystal thin films. The course covers basic principles and practical aspects of high resolution x-ray diffraction, including tips for optimization of sample positioning and data collection. The various options available on Empyrean, X’Pert3 MRD (XL) and X’Pert Pro MRD (XL) systems will be discussed, including the use of area detectors for sub-minute reciprocal space map data collection. Our Advanced Materials Analsis Software Suite (AMASS) will be used to analyze the 1D rocking curve/ coupled scans and 2D reciprocal space maps. The new simulation capabilities of AMASS will be explored, as well as configuration of automated analysis using 1D and 2D diffraction data. Reflectometry analysis is covered in a separate course.

As a participant you are encouraged to bring with you one or two of your characteristic samples together with the corresponding sample submission forms and safety data sheet (included in registration packet).

The main aspects covered during the course are the following:
Basic principles of High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction (HR-XRD)
Hardware components and their impact on data quality
Practical aspects of sample alignment procedure and data collection
Optimized sample alignment strategies
Coupled scans and rocking curves
Reciprocal space map (RSM) data collection, including ultrafast (sub-minute) RSM’s
Data analysis using AMASS
Data manipulation and graphical options
Analysis based on relative peak positions in 1 and 2D scan
Simulation and fitting of coupled scans
Wafer mapping using 1D and 2D scan data
Automated analysis and reporting options

This is a 3 day paid course: Standard Industry $800 per day / Academic $400 per day

Complimentary coffee, tea and lunch will be provided. The customer is responsible for all other costs of hotel, transportation and additional meals outside of what is provided.

Please register to secure your place as seating is limited to keep the course small for the benefit of the attendees and hands-on availability.

We reserve the right to cancel courses due to insufficient enrollment or unforeseen circumstances, such as weather. In the case of cancellation due to low enrollment, we will notify students by e-mail and/or by phone 2-3 weeks prior to a class, if not sooner.