Datum der Aufzeichnung: 26 March 2015

Duration: 55 minutes 0 seconds

Ferroalloys are important components in metals production with iron and steel smelters as the leading customers of ferroalloys. This webinar will illustrate advantages of using X-ray fluorescence (XRF) as a standard method for the analysis of ferroalloys of various composition. A comparative study between the analysis of ferroalloys prepared as pressed powders and fused beads will be shown for production control. The webinar will also illustrate advantages of using wavelength dispersive (WD) or Energy Dispersive (ED) XRF.

The webinar targets mainly operators and managers from process control departments of steel smelters, aluminum smelters, service laboratories involved with metal industries as well as all scientists from the analytical chemistry sector, interested in new developments of fusion methods of ferroalloy materials ultimately analyzed by XRF.