Explain My Research Pharmaceuticals Virtual Conference

Malvern Panalytical is a proud sponsor of Explain My Research virtual conference for pharmaceuticals.

Explain My Research virtual conference is back for its second year. Organized by the National University of Singapore, this conference serves to provide a platform for scientific exchange and networking. Look forward to a global line up of speakers from industry as well as academia research. They will share their work as well as case studies on drug delivery, nanotechnology, and biopharmaceutics, different aspects of drug product development.

There would be three sessions that would run in parallel. Each is chaired by a group, namely the Society for Pharmaceutical Dissolution Science (SPDS), the Controlled Release Society (CRS), and the A*Star Controlled Release and Encapsulation Technologies Network (CoRE-Net).

These organizations represent three different aspects of drug development: the SPDS session chaired by Jennifer Dressman (Goethe University, Germany) and Vinod Shah (SPDS Global, USA) will discuss the recent advances in bio-predictive dissolution testing. This important area provides the link between the manufacturing processes of medicines and clinical performance. In the CRS session chaired by Gerrit Storm (Utrecht University, Netherlands) and Vandana Patravale (ICT, India) novel drug delivery strategies will be discussed. This includes the latest advances in nanomedicine and extracellular vesicles. The CoRE-Net session emphasizes the technical aspects involving the bioengineering of nanomaterials and nanoencapsulation technologies.

Save your seat now: https://www.explainmyresearch.com/


An exciting line up of global speakers from Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the US, India, Singapore and more


Who should attend?

  • Anyone in pharmaceutical drug development or research
  • Anyone interested in novel drug delivery strategies, bioengineering of nanoencapsulation, advancements in dissolution science and more

How long is this conference?

  • Approximately 5 hours long
  • Comprises of 2 keynote lectures and more than 20 presentations