X-ray diffraction (XRD) has found its application in virtually every area of research and has become an essential technique for research and development as well as quality control teams in industry. Introduction to basic concepts as well as various parts of XRD equipment is essential to perform experiments in most optimized conditions. The MasterClass 1 is a 3-hour program. It focuses on explaining basic crystallography, how X-ray diffraction reveals crystal structure, various parts of a diffractometer and their usage as well as optimizing the settings to take a good quality scan. Limitations while taking good quality data are explained in detail. The course is useful for absolute beginners in the field of XRD and can also serve as a refresher course for experienced users.

Interested to improve your materials characterization analysis and interpretation? Join our XRD Masterclasses which are designed to help you achieve better XRD data. During the course of this MasterClass series, users will be trained on the basics to advanced level data analysis, XRD applications as well as practical tips on achieving the best data quality for their research and quality control.

We want all users to grasp the basics of X-ray diffraction. Hence this MasterClass module is free to attend. There is a nominal fee for subsequent XRD MasterClasses. See below for more information. For those classes, do enquire with us about industry vs academia as well as bulk rates for your organization.