Concept Life Sciences

Concept Life Science is a knowledge-based, science-led and customer-focused contract research and manufacturing organization.  Our services are built on expert knowledge, collaboration, flexibility and extensive in-house resources – from discovery to GMP-certified manufacture. 

We originally formed in 2014, following the merger of Agenda1 Analytical ServicesPeakdale Molecular, and CXR Biosciences. We then grew and specialized through a combination of organic growth and targeted acquisition, including Aquila Biomedical.

We cover activities for discovery and development across a range of sectors, including discovery chemistry, specialist biology in immunology, oncology and neurosciencebiologics, biophysical assay servicesADMET & DMPKbioanalysistoxicologyhistology and GMP manufacturing

We also offer a wide range of Physicochemical Analysis, Materials Characterization and Analytical chemistry services. As the CRO services of Malvern Panalytical, we offer bespoke, robust analytics backed up by Malvern Panalytical’s physicochemical expertise and unparalleled data quality, providing rapid, confident decision-making.

Learn more about our contract research services, or explore by sector how our contract research services can help you overcome your next challenge:

Learn more about how our contract research services can help you overcome your next challenge

Drug discovery

Fast-track your program from initial target identification to the clinic and access real-world expertise that can help minimize risks and meet regulatory requirements in a fraction of the time.
Drug discovery

Pharmaceutical drug development

See your drug product through to scale-up and manufacturing quicker via our GMP-certified facilities and application-specific experience – helping you to find safe, efficient and scalable routes for your drug product.
Pharmaceutical drug development

Concept Life Sciences: From drug discovery to drug development services

We offer a comprehensive range of discovery and development services and analytical solutions across the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. 

Delivering expertise in immunology, immuno-oncology, oncology and neuroscience

When you’re taking primary research and drug products from bench to clinic, you need expert partners who know your field and who have walked your path before. 

From our academic origins in Therapeutic Immunology, we have extended our in-depth expertise in immunology, immuno-oncology and neuroscience research and development, helping our clients progress some of the most cutting-edge and effective therapies. 

Amplify your analytics to solve key drug discovery and development challenges

Through the partnership between Malvern Panalytical and Concept Life Sciences, known as Amplify Analytics, we offer flexible and scalable drug discovery and development services that connect you directly to our team of experienced application scientists – in addition to providing you with access to next level analytical instrumentation. 

Our combined offer of bespoke, robust analytics, physicochemical expertise and unparalleled data quality, provides rapid, confident decision-making for drug developability and scale-up.  This range of uniquely scalable services delivers tailored combinations of analytics, know-how, instrumentation, and expert support.

Overcome your agrochemical challenges; be it for crop protection, chemicals or consumer products

Taking an agrochemical product to market is a complex process made ever more complicated by the intricate, territory specific guidelines in place and the long product development process. 

We provide world-class solutions focused on discovery chemistry, analytical chemistry (GLP), ADMET services and, investigative and exploratory toxicology, including endocrine disruptors assays and expert support to the crop protection, chemicals and consumer products sectors.