Quantitative shape analysis of metal powders

Morphologi 4 is an automated imaging system where individual particle images are captured and analyzed to determine both their particle size and particle shape. Statistically representative distributions can be constructed by measuring 10’s to 100’s of thousands of metal particles per measurement. Using advanced image analysis algorithms, particles can then be classified according to their surface roughness, irregularity and the presence of satellites, as illustrated below. 

Morpohologi 4 is a complementary tool to the Mastersizer 3000 (Laser Diffraction) and both are used by metal powder producers and component manufacturers to;

  • Ensure a consistent powder supply and prevent variations in end      product quality
  • Identify suitable powders for machines with different spreader or        rake designs
  • Optimize atomization conditions to achieve the desired (spherical)      powder characteristics
  • Predict and optimize powder packing density and flow            characteristics
  • Follow changes in powder properties during processing and               recycling