Across the energy industry, the transition to carbon-neutrality and renewability is well underway – and batteries have an important role to play, particularly when it comes to energy storage. While renewable energy sources such as solar energy and wind are increasingly replacing fossil fuels, batteries have emerged as a viable energy storage option for future power grid applications. The shift toward electric transportation is also driving the development of battery technology, super-capacitors, and alternatives to less sustainable combustion fuels.

Nevertheless, the transition to low-carbon energy is far from over. Renewable energy technology, particularly for energy storage materials and devices, still has large potential for improvement. For instance, when it comes to battery energy storage technology, more efficient electrode materials are continually being discovered and quickly scaled up. Another important factor is enabling a circular value chain with efficient recycling of used and waste products.

At Malvern Panalytical, we are proud to partner with you in your journey towards carbon-neutrality in your battery and energy storage. Specifically, we offer a wide range of physical, chemical, and structural solutions for battery-based energy storage and its analysis. 

Our solutions can help resolve key challenges in the production of battery energy materials, such as:

  • How is my device’s performance linked to particle shape and size distribution?
  • How can I simplify chemical composition and impurities analysis for materials production and waste recycling?
  • How can crystal structure changes predict stress fatigue and failure during usage?
  • How can I formulate battery slurries with stable and uniform particle distribution?
By supporting you to resolve these questions, we aim to enable the development of efficient, high-performance, and recyclable battery materials, and help drive the transition to renewable battery-based energy storage.

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