Advanced Particle Characterization

Interested in size, shape, and chemical identification of your particles? Have an application where particle shape plays a critical role, such as particle packing or adhesion to surfaces? Need forensic evaluation of a failed batch or contaminant in the process line? A recent value analysis shows that a customer’s use of the Morphologi 4 equipment for characterization can save up to $500,000 when compared to conventional manual microscope analysis.

This seminar is your chance learn more about Morphological Imaging for the characterization of particle size, particle shape, and chemical identification of your materials, as well as to see the new Morphologi 4 instrument in action. You can even register for a single sample measurement for the afternoon of the seminar.

Sample measurements will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis at an agreed appointment time the afternoon of the 10th. Additional MSDS analysis – chemical identification – must be performed in advance of the seminar day.

More information

The event has no cost, however, it is limited to a maximum of attendees so book now. Breakfast and lunch to be provided.