DLS, RMM and NTA - a technology comparison

This webinar will take a detailed look at the capabilities and strengths of three different technologies provided by Malvern: Dynamic Light Scattering, Resonant Mass Measurement and Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, and provide guidance on how these techniques are able to complement and support one another, with additional information on their limitations and ideal applications. There will be particular emphasis on the use of these three technologies in the biopharmaceutical industry


Lisa holds a PhD in microbiology, pathology and protein biochemistry from the University of Birmingham. Lisa then moved to the product characterisation team at Lonza Biologics in Slough and specialised in the use of HPLC and mass spectrometry for the analysis of therapeutic antibodies, and transferred these skills to her later work for Shimadzu . Lisa has also worked within bioanalysis both at Novozymes in Nottingham and most recently at Quotient Bioresearch in Cambridgeshire, where she specialised in antimicrobial drug development.