GPC and SEC Houston

We are pleased to offer our Malvern Further Education program, a unique opportunity to better understand the techniques, theory and practical application of your Omnisec and or Viscotek range.

The purpose of these training courses are to provide a basic framework for new users of the technique to acquire the skill set to: 

  • Understand the basics of the technique and the instrumentation used in the measurement. 

  • Understand how to design an experiment in a systematic and scientific manner to obtain good data. 

  • Understand the basic workings of the software and where to get assistance if necessary. 

  • Understand how to interpret (and reprocess, if necessary) data, the terms on the standard report, and to troubleshoot issues. 

  • Gain a knowledge of what international norms may apply to the technique and other reference material. 

  • Get specific assistance in any application issues.