Advanced XRD data treatment (Brisbane)

Running your samples on your X-ray diffractometer is just the initial phase of your samples analysis. Many often find it challenging to properly treat their XRD scans and interpret its implications. Malvern Panalytical invites our application specialists as well as developer for HighScore XRD software, Dr Thomas Deagen to facilitate the training. During this training, you will hone the basics in quantitative phase analysis and improve your knowledge on advanced data treatment.

Day 1: Introduction to quantitative phase analysis 

  1. Phase identification & quantification
  2. Basics to Rietveld analysis
  3. Hands-on practise with case study examples


Day 2 & 3: Advanced data treatment

  1. Advanced phase quantification
  2. Rietveld analysis
  3. Amorphous quantification methods
  4. Quantification of phases using PONKCS (Partial Or No Known Crystal Structures)
  5. Other advanced software features like cluster analysis and PLS regression for calibrating material properties using XRD data, Bitmap conversions, Chemistry calculators
  6. Other functionalities such as Batch analysis setup, Roboriet automated Rietveld analysis setup 

 What you stand to benefit:

  1. Professional training and certification on XRD data analysis
  2. *Free* 3-month HighScore software license
  3. Get trained by HighScore software developer and application specialists



• $2,800 excluding GST  
• Special student Academia prices available - $150 nett    

This training will also be conducted in Sydney from 30 Sep - 2 Oct. For more information, click here


Who should attend: 
• Individuals with knowledge of Powder pattern treatments wanting to learn more 
• XRD users who are using any brand of XRD system 

Course requirements 
• Bring your own laptops and ensure admin rights have been issued for installation with the latest HighScore Plus trial license 
• Recommended Laptop configuration to bring : Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise or Ultimate (64bit) with SP1 or Windows 8.1 Pro (64bit), minimum 4 GB RAM with CD drive or USB slot. Internet Explorer vs 8 minimum. Other OS Win XP or 32 bit Win 7 or Win 8 not advisable to use. HighScore is not supported on Apple MAC computers. 

Which will include the below: 
• Certificate of achievement 
• Class room lectures and hands-on practical 
• Course reading material (soft and hard copy) 
• Refreshments and lunches (during the course) 
• Course dinner 

All cheques should be made out to Spectris Australia Pty Ltd and attached with our confirmation email. 

*Travel and other costs associated with living in the city during the course will be borne by the course participant. 

Course cancellations 
• No course refunds will be given for no shows or participant cancellations 
• Should you be unable to attend the intended course, you will be able to postpone your attendance to the next available course date