Zetium ED X-ray fluorescence SuperQ application course

This 3-day course covers the advanced use of the Zetium XRF spectrometer equipped with an Energy Dispersive (ED) channel, and the SuperQ software. The course is fully dedicated to the creation of applications which make use of the Wavelength Dispersive (WD) optics in combination with the ED-channel. Optimization of parameters, matrix effects, quantitative analysis, calibration, monitor correction and results analysis are dealt with extensively.
The course is composed of hands-on sessions carried out online using spectrometers in our Application Competence Center, Almelo, The Netherlands.

In depth application study for WD/ED combinations including:
• Parameter selection
• Qualitative and Quantitative analysis
• Application Setup
• Calibration, Sources of errors, detection limits
• Drift correction

This is a paid course. The course fee includes hotel accommodation, lunches and transport from the hotel to our facility. Please contact your local Malvern Panalytical representative for pricing information, travel and accommodation enquiries.

Registration closing date: February 3 2020