This live online demo is designed to provide you with a virtual hands-on introduction to the Kinexus rheometer. In this webinar, you will be able to take a look at the Kinexus rheometer and some of its typical measurement systems (geometries) and accessories via webcam. We will also screen-share the software with you so that you can follow a live measurement and demonstrate just how easy it is to perform accurate and reproducible rheological measurements with the Kinexus system.

We will also introduce the revolutionary Kinexus software, rSpace, with its unique sequence driven approach, bringing SOP (standard operating procedure) measurements to a rheometer for the first time. rSpace is designed to help the novice and QC analyst make accurate and reproducible measurements, while giving the expert user the flexibility and functionality to develop bespoke and complex test protocols using shear and axial test modes.

Join us for this online demonstration of the Kinexus! There will also be time for questions about rheology measurements, result interpretation and the Kinexus following the live demo.