LeDoser; the essential automatic weighing instrument

Claisse is introducing its new instrument that has been specifically designed to weigh and dispense borate flux with high precision for the preparation of glass disks for XRF and solutions for ICP. LeDoser is way more than a weighing device: it is an indispensable tool to ensure efficient sample preparation laboratory management. This instrument minimizes repetitive strain injuries (RSI) arising from weighing related tasks, hence improving the operator’s safety. Three different weighing modes and smart flux flow software control makes it fully adaptable to your needs, without compromise. LeDoser’s industrial grade balance incorporates the most cutting-edge technology weighing system with unrivaled robustness. It is synonymous with peace of mind, quick return on investment and outstanding analytical performance. LeDoser is part of a complete solution in sample preparation by fusion to improve efficiency.

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Chantal Audet is Product Manager for the instruments department at Claisse since 2010. Chantal joined Claisse in 2004 as a Technical Representative for different territories such as South America, Asia and the United States. This field experience with sample preparation by fusion allows her to deeply understand the customers’ needs and participate in product development accordingly. Our team joined PANalytical in 2014, and our expertise fused with theirs results in the creation of outstanding products due to our joined expertise.