Emerging strategies in covalent inhibition

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Join our panel of experts as they review emerging strategies for the development of covalent inhibitors in drug discovery.

Synthetic methodologies, pharmacology and overall drug discovery considerations associated with the development of covalent inhibitors in drug discovery, punctuated with a couple of flagship case studies.

Covalent inhibition has seen a rebirth in the last decade. Prosecuting covalent inhibitor programs requires a complete rethinking of the drug discovery process. This webinar aims at providing the foundations and emerging paradigms in covalent drug discovery.

This webinar is best suited for scientists with a general interest in drug discovery. No prior knowledge is required, and this webinar will also act as a tutorial.

By attending this webinar you will learn… 

  • The fundamental aspects of developing covalent inhibitors in drug discovery
  • About the new warheads under development
  • The in-vitro and in-vivo considerations associated with this therapeutic strategy
  • Have a feel for the emerging paradigms in this field