The future of sustainable chemistry: Electrochemistry

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Protecting the environment and operating more sustainably is the duty of all businesses, in all sectors. It’s also an opportunity. Our synthetic chemistry group is constantly evaluating and questioning our go-to synthetic methods to ensure that we are using the best techniques available. Our goal is to ensure that every new synthetic route we devise has a minimal environmental impact and is fit for the future.

In this webinar Dr Matthew Isherwood will explore the novel electrochemistry synthetic methods which are relevant to medicinal chemists.

We will use recent examples from published literature to explain the evaluation process we use to select electrochemistry methods. We will also highlight the pros and cons of these methods using a range of reaction types, including:

  • Direct electrochemical oxidation
  • Direct electrochemical reduction
  • Paired transition metal electrocatalysis

This webinar is the first in a series that will explore some of the latest synthetic methods that we evaluate when we design novel synthetic routes to candidate drugs. In the sustainable chemistry webinar series, we will cover topics such as flow chemistry and photochemistry as well as discussing reagent and solvent choices.


  • Dr. Matthew Isherwood - Principal Research Scientist - Concept Life Sciences

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Who should attend? 

Pharmaceutical scientists working in synthetic chemistry route design and selection 

What will you learn? 

Understand the guiding principles for sustainable synthetic chemistry

Introduction to electrochemistry reaction types 

Introduction to specific electrochemistry examples of interest to the medicinal chemist