Highest efficiency for hard radiation measurements

The GaliPIX3D covers a wide range of applications requiring the medium and higher energy range of XRD wavelengths from Cu, Mo and Ag tubes:


Window size30.06 mm x 24.16 mm
Efficiency Cu Kα100% (also for Mo and Ag)
99% Linearity range0 – 3.9 x 109 cps – Overall
0 – 7.8 x 106 cps - Column
Energy resolution around Cu Kα25%
Maximum count rate2.4 x 1011 cps – Overall
4.7 x 108 cps - Column
Maximum background<6 cps - Overall
Active length30.06
Smallest step size0.0018º 2θ at 240 mm goniometer radius
Supported wavelengthsAg, Mo, Cu
Point Spread Function (PSF)1 pixel (FWHM)
Defective pixels< 1%