Epsilon 4 Anywhere

Due to its low infrastructural requirements, Epsilon 4 can be placed next to the production line anywhere in your process. Its high performance enables most applications to be operated at ambient conditions, reducing costs for helium or vacuum maintenance.
Epsilon 4 Anywhere

Value beyond analysis

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer for the elemental analysis range from carbon (C) to americium (Am) and the concentration range from sub-ppm to 100 wt%. 

Use Omnian for standardless analysis, use FingerPrint for material testing when analysis speed is important or use Stratos for a rapid, simple and non-destructive analysis of coatings, surface layers and multi-layered structures. One could also use Enhanced Data Security which supports compliancy with regulations like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 or use Oil-Trace for quantifying fuel-biofuel mixtures to fresh and used lubricating oils.

Value beyond analysis

Ready for any sample type

The Epsilon 4 handles a wide variety of sample types, including solids, pressed and loose powders, liquids and filters. It performs non-destructive quantitative analysis of elements from carbon (C) fluorine to americium (Am), in concentrations from 100% down to sub-ppm levels, on samples weighing anything from a few milligrams to kilograms.
The Epsilon 4 is a robust and reliable alternative to conventional systems for a wide variety of industries and applications, even when light element analysis is of outmost importance, including: cement production, mining, mineral beneficiation, iron, steel and non-ferrous metals, RoHS screening and quantification, petroleum and petrochemicals, polymers and related industries, glass production, forensics,
pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, environmental, food and cosmetics.
Ready for any sample type


Flexible configurations

Epsilon 4 is a highly flexible analytical tool available in a 10-Watt version for elemental analysis (F – Am) in areas from R&D through to process control. For even higher sample throughput or extended light-element capabilities and in more challenging environments a 15-Watt version is available, which can even analyze carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.
Flexible configurations

Latest developments

Epsilon 4 instruments combine the latest excitation and detection technologies with state-of-the-art analysis software. The 15-Watt X-ray tube in combination with the high current (3 mA), latest silicon drift detector SDD30 together with the compact design of the optical path, deliver even better analytical performance than 50-Watt power EDXRF and even benchtop WDXRF systems - with the added bonus of power efficiency.
Latest developments

Fast and sensitive

Fast measurements are achieved by using the latest silicon drift detector technology that produces significantly higher intensities.
Unique detector electronics enable a linear count rate capacity to over 1,500,000 cps (at 50% dead time) and a count rate independent resolution typically better than 135 eV for better separation of analytical lines in the spectrum. This allows the Epsilon 4 spectrometer to run at full power and therefore realizes a much higher sample throughput compared to traditional EDXRF benchtop instruments.
Fast and sensitive

Reduce helium consumption

The high performance of Epsilon 4 enables many applications to be operated in air atmosphere, without longer overhead time and costs involved for helium or maintenance of vacuum system. When measuring in air, low-energy X-ray photons characteristic of sodium, magnesium and aluminium, are sensitive to variations in air pressure and temperature. Built-in temperature and air-pressure sensors compensate for these environmental variations, ensuring excellent results whatever the weather.
Reduce helium consumption

Enhanced data security

The Enhanced Data Security option for the Epsilon system software helps you strengthen your audit trail, minimize the risk of error, and prove that your XRF instrument is working as expected. Capabilities include advanced user management, action logging and data protection.


Sample handlingX-ray tubeDetectorSoftware
10-position removable sample changerMetal-ceramic side window for maximum stabilityHigh-resolution silicon drift detector (SDD), typically 135 eV @ Mn-KαElemental screening with Omnian standardless analysis solution
Spectrometer can accommodate samples up to 52 mm (2 inch) in diameter50 micrometers thin beryllium window for high sensitivity for light elements (Na, Mg, Al, Si)Max count rate of 1,500,000 counts/s at 50% dead timePASS/FAIL analysis with FingerPrint solution
Spinner is included for better accuracy of air filter analysisAg anode X-ray tube for best performance of P, S and Cl analysisThin-entrance detector window for high sensitivityEnhanced Data Security for regulated environments
Large sample mode for analyzing bigger samples up to 10 cm in height

Stratos for multi-layered samples

One flexible calibration for wear metals in fresh and used lubricating oils using Oil-Trace




Solutions to maximize the return on your investment

To assure that your instrument remains in top condition and performs on the highest level, Malvern Panalytical offers a wide range of services. Our expertise and support services assure an optimal functioning of your instrument.


Service for a lifetime

  • Phone and remote support
  • Preventive maintenance and checkups
  • Flexible Customer Care Agreements
  • Performance certificates
  • Hardware and software upgrades
  • Local and global support


Adding value to your processes 

  • Sample preparation development/optimization
  • Analytical methodologies 
  • Turnkey solutions for XRD 
  • Operations via IQ/OQ/PQ, quality assurance (GLP, ISO17025) or round robins/inter laboratory studies
  • Automation of lab processes
  • Consultancy services

Training and education

  • Training on-site or at our competence centers
  • Broad range of basic and advanced courses on products, applications and software

Analytical services and calibration materials

  • Expert (XRF) analyses services
  • Oxides and trace analysis
  • Customized calibration materials