Environmental controllers for the Kinexus rheometer are based on a unique ‘plug and play’ cartridge design.

  • Cartridge insertion mechanism is quick, easy and robust.
  • All mechanical, power, communication and fluid connections made in one action.
  • Automatic cartridge recognition and configuration.
  • Twin Peltier design for rapid temperature changes and sample equilibration, and minimized thermal gradients.
  • Temperature resolution to 0.01ºC.
  • Various cup and bob sizes available - C14 (DIN), C25 (DIN) and wide diameter C34.
  • Double gap cell for high sensitivity measurements with low viscosity fluids.
  • Range of vane tools available for characterizing dispersions, including yield stress materials.
  • Interchangeable lower cups to optimize measurement set-up for different sample types, plus removable base options for ease of cleaning.
  • Can be used with Torsion/DMA system to allow testing of a self-supporting rectangular or cylindrical solid sample.
  • Additional plate insert provides a ‘universal Peltier option’ which enables the rheometer to be used in either coaxial cylinder or plate measurement mode with one cartridge.
  • Additional optical plate insert provides an optical path for imaging of a sample during measurement.  
  • Can be configured for use with the UV/Visible Curing System 

Accurate temperature measurement and control is a fundamental requirement for almost all rheological measurements. The Kinexus rheometer uses easily interchangeable environmental controllers based on a unique cartridge design, to meet temperature control requirements for a variety of complex fluids and soft solid samples.

Peltier-based temperature control units use solid-state thermoelectric Peltier modules as heat pumps, to control the temperature of the sample.

Peltier systems have benefits which make their use advantageous for rheometer temperature control – having high heating and cooling rates, and providing excellent temperature accuracy and stability.

The use of a separate heat exchanger system, to remove excess heat from the Peltier module to maintain its optimum working efficiency, is a general requirement when used for temperature control on a rheometer system. 

If you are unsure as to specifying an appropriate temperature and environmental control unit for your sample type or measurement application, please contact Malvern for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.

Temperature range:
-30°C to +200°C. For operation below 0ºC a chilled circulating fluid must be used.
Temperature resolution:
Temperature stability:
Better than ±0.1°C.
Maximum heating rate (temperature range dependent):
Maximum cooling rate (temperature range dependent):
Quick-connect cartridge system:
Plug & play; auto-recognition and configuration in software.
Interchangeable cups:
Quick release/engage mechanism.

C25 (DIN) or C14 (DIN) dimensions.
Large diameter C34 dimension.
Roughened (sand blasted), splined or grooved surface finishes for cups and bobs.
C25 and C14 vane tools.
Geometry adapter designed to allow custom vane or helical geometries to be used with a Kinexus cartridge.
Plate insert to enable cone-plate and parallel plate measurements (‘universal Peltier option’).
Optical plate insert to provide an optical path for imaging of a sample during measurement or for configuration with the UV/Visible curing accessory.
Can be used with Torsion/DMA system to allow testing of a self-supporting rectangular or cylindrical solid sample.