The Kinexus lab+ rheometer can be easily configured to meet routine rheological test requirements for dispersions and other complex fluids and soft solids across a wide variety of industry sectors.

  • All modes of rheological operation – stress control, shear rate control and direct strain controlled oscillation.
  • Unique rSpace software interface that offers total flexibility of test set-up – including sequence-driven Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-type functionality for robust Quality Control measurements.
  • Intelligent geometry recognition with full auto-configuration and user feedback on system status to guarantee robust data for all measurements.
  • Wide variety of measurement geometries optimized for rheological characterization of complex fluids and soft solids, including dispersions, emulsions, polymer and surfactant solutions, pastes and gels.
  • Modular rheometer with unique ‘plug and play’ cartridge system for all temperature and environmental controllers – all mechanical, power, communication and fluid connections made in one simple action.
  • Multifunctional accessory design – plate cartridges with interchangeable lower plates for a cost-effective solution addressing the widest application coverage.
  • Disposable plate option for curing materials
  • Exceptional vertical travel and gapping capabilities offer maximum user access and flexibility for ease of sample loading.
  • Complete sample history from the point of loading onto the rheometer available in data file as standard – because ensuring reliable rheology data for complex non-Newtonian materials actually starts before a measurement takes place.
  • Dynamic shear rheometer configuration for routine and QC testing of asphalt binders.

Kinexus is a rotational rheometer system that applies controlled shear deformation to a sample under test, to enable measurement of flow properties (such as shear viscosity from flow tests) and dynamic material properties (such viscoelastic modulus and phase angle from oscillation tests).

A rotational rheometer system comprises several key components to enable robust, reliable and accessible rheological measurements for a particular sample or application:

  • Rheometer base unit. Control of key system functions, including torque (for stress control), rotational position change (for strain or rate control), normal force and vertical position change (for sample loading and gap set).
  • Measuring system or geometry. The measuring system is the link between the rheometer and the sample, and defines the applied shear field. The type of measuring system must be appropriate to the sample type and the test under consideration.
  • Temperature or environmental control unit. Accurate control is essential since rheological properties are a strong function of temperature and environmental conditions.
  • Instrument software. Rheological testing can be, by its nature, relatively complex to set up. Malvern Panalytical’s cornerstone Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) approach to material testing has been enhanced in rSpace software to revolutionize and simplify user interaction, and to bring ‘expert system’ guidance and SOP-driven testing to rheological measurements for the first time.

Understanding the application under consideration, and the associated rheological test requirements, is a key factor in selecting the most appropriate rheometer system.

If you are unsure as to specifying an appropriate rheometer model for your application, Malvern recommend contacting us for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.


Modes of operation:
Direct strain control. Shear rate control. Shear stress control.
Torque range:
10nNm to 200mNm. (Viscometry - Controlled Rate and Controlled Stress)
Torque range:
5.0nNm to 200mNm. (Oscillation - Controlled Strain and Controlled Stress)
Torque resolution:
Position resolution:
Angular velocity range:
10nrads-1 to 325rads-1
Step change in strain:
Frequency range:
6.28µrads-1 to 942rads-1 (1µHz to 100Hz).
Motor inertia:
Normal Force range:
0.001N to 50N
Normal Force resolution:
Normal Force response time:
Vertical lift speed:
0.1µms-1 to 35mms-1
Vertical lift range (measurable):
Gap resolution (over full vertical lift range):
Fully configurable vertical profiles:
By speed and by Normal Force.
Raw instrument variables:
5kHz constant streaming data.
Complete sample history:
Data available from loading to unloading as standard.
USB2 – plug and play.
Quick-connect geometries:
Auto-identification and auto-configuration – plug and play.
Interchangeable lower plates:
Varying pedestal diameters and surface finishes.
Cartridge environmental controllers:
Auto-identification and auto-configuration – plug and play.
Temperature range:
-40°C to 200°C (Peltier plate and active hood cartridges). -30°C to 200°C (Peltier cylinder cartridge), 0°C to 300°C (High temperature cartridge).
Temperature resolution:
Dimensions (W, D, H):
490mm (W) x 485mm x 680mm
110V or 220V.
Operating temperature (°C):
15°C – 40°C.
35% - 80% non-condensing.
Specifications have been obtained under conditions as stated in the Installation and Site Requirements for Kinexus rheometers

Designed for the rheological testing of complex fluids and soft solids, and gelling and curing materials.

Kinexus lab+

Peltier Plate Cartridge

Environmental controller for cone-plate and parallel plate measuring systems.


The Peltier Plate cartridge for the Kinexus rheometer meets the temperature control requirements across the majority of applications from fluids through to soft solids, such as creams, pastes and gels.

More information

Peltier Cylinder cartridge

Environmental controller for concentric cylinder-type measuring systems.


The Peltier Cylinder cartridge for the Kinexus rheometer provides multifunctional configuration options to meet the temperature control requirements for measuring materials from highly fluid-like samples through to high concentration dispersions that show a yield stress. Can be configured for use with a range of accessories.

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Active Hood Peltier Plate Cartridge

Environmental controller with minimized thermal gradients for plate measuring systems.


The Active Hood Peltier Plate cartridge for the Kinexus rheometer uses a proprietary design to prevent thermal losses in the local sample environment, and hence minimize sample thermal gradients. Applicable to the measurement of highly thermally-sensitive samples, and for temperature-critical testing where the temperature range is significantly above or below ambient.

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High Temperature Cartridge (HTC)

High temperature environmental controller for cone-plate and parallel plate measuring systems.


The HTC cartridge for the Kinexus rheometer meets the temperature control requirements across the majority of applications from fluids through to soft solids, such as creams, thermoset composites and polymer melts.

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UV/Visible Curing System

UV/Visible Curing System for use with Kinexus Cylinder Cartridge


The UV/Visible Curing System available for the Kinexus rotational rheometer allows the progression of UV or Visible light-initiated curing reactions to be followed in real time on samples including adhesives, sealants, coatings and inks.

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Measuring Systems (Geometries)

Intelligent geometry recognition and auto-configuration.


A wide range of measuring systems specifically designed for rheological characterization of dispersions and other complex fluids and soft solids, for use across all Kinexus environmental cartridges.

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