Environmental controllers for the Kinexus rheometer are based on a unique ‘plug and play’ cartridge design.

  • Cartridge insertion mechanism is quick, easy and robust. 
  • All mechanical, power and communication connections made in one action.
  • Automatic cartridge recognition and configuration.
  • Rapid temperature changes of up to 50ºC per minute.
  • Extremely stable temperature control using a high accuracy PT100 sensor in close proximity to sample.
  • Temperature resolution to better than 0.01ºC.
  • Standard air cooling system included for temperature control and rapid cooling down to ambient temperature.
  • Adiabatic cooling option included for testing below ambient.
  • Wide range of compatible cone-plate and parallel-plate measuring systems (up to 60mm diameter) available.
  • Interchangeable lower plates enable optimal geometry choice for particular samples, whilst maintaining optimum thermal performance.
  • Included solvent trap design for accurate measurement of samples with volatile components and to minimize sample drying over long times. 
  • Thermally insulated cover contains purge gas inlet allowing measurements to be made in an inert atmosphere.
  • Easy to clean design.

Accurate temperature measurement and control is a fundamental requirement for almost all rheological measurements. The Kinexus rheometer uses easily interchangeable environmental controllers based on a unique cartridge design, to meet temperature control requirements for a variety of complex fluids, soft solids, thermosetting samples and polymer melts.

If you are unsure as to specifying an appropriate temperature and environmental control unit for your sample type or measurement application, please contact Malvern Panalytical for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.

Temperature range:
Ambient to 350ºC.
Temperature resolution:
Better than 0.01ºC.
Temperature stability:
Better than ±0.2ºC.
Maximum heating rate (temperature range dependent):
Maximum cooling rate (temperature range dependent):
Quick-connect cartridge system:
Plug & play; auto-recognition and configuration in software.
Interchangeable lower plates:
Varying diameters and surface finishes e.g. roughened (sand blasted) or serrated.
Disposable plate option.
(1) Specified under conditions of input gas pressure of 6.5 bar and input gas temperature of ~18°C supplied to the cooling option, and a room temperature of up to 25°C.