Morphological imaging is fast becoming an essential technology in the laboratory toolkit for particle characterization.  The Morphologi 4 is a fully automated static image analysis system which provides a complete detailed description of the morphological properties of particulate materials.  The Morphologi 4-ID combines the same automated static image analysis with Raman spectroscopy in a single, integrated platform, providing component-specific morphological descriptions of chemical species within a blend.  

Morphologi 4-ID

Morphologi 4

Morphologi 4-ID Morphologi 4

Rapid, automated, component-specific particle characterization in a single, integrated platform

Rapid, automated particle size and particle shape analysis

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Measurement type
Particle size
Particle shape
Chemical identification
Contaminant detection and analysis
Particle size range 0.5µm - 1300µm 0.5µm - 1300µm
Image analysis
Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS)