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The world’s most advanced multi-detector GPC/SEC system

Malvern Panalytical's OMNISEC is a Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) / Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) system for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, molecular size, intrinsic viscosity, branching and other parameters. It includes OMNISEC RESOLVE, the integrated GPC/SEC module, OMNISEC REVEAL, the integrated multi-detector module and OMNISEC software for the characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, and proteins.

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Features and benefits

OMNISEC is a powerful tool for taking control of the performance, quality and value of your product, whether that’s a synthetic polymer in industry, a natural polymer or polysaccharide used in food or pharmaceutical products, or a protein or antibody used in biopharmaceuticals.

As a research tool, it accelerates research into these molecules by providing absolute information for a wide range of applications making it an ideal tool for universities. It reduces service expense and downtime and increases productivity with easy-to-use intuitive software.


  • Premium advanced detection for GPC/SEC
  • Fully integrated temperature controlled detector module for improved detector stability and sample characterization
  • More reliable measurements with market leading light scattering sensitivity
  • Measure low concentration samples with a highly sensitive and stable refractive index detector
  • Improved structural comparisons enabled with the unique mechanical auto balance of the differential viscometer
  • See the full range of your samples UV absorbance with the UV-PDA

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  • The ultimate in advanced detection for UPLC/UHPLC and APC 
  • Optimized low volume system to maintain sample resolution 

SEC-MALS 20 or 9

  • Multi angle light scattering detector to measure absolute molecular weight and molecular size. 
  • Increased confidence of measured data due to the vertical flow cell with radial optics – reduces noise at low angles, increasing data quality!
  • Vertical flow cell eliminates the need to regularly clean the system. 
  • Use as the sole light scattering source on OMNISEC, or add as a powerful additional detector that compliments the RALS/LALS. 

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SEC-MALS 20 or 9


  • Fully integrated into the OMNISEC software and hardware platform to offer a complete GPC/SEC solution from a single vendor. 
  • Combined pump, degasser, autosampler and column oven in a single module.
  • Improved baseline stability with a Low pulsation pump.
  • Rapid solvent change overs with a low volume degasser giving maximum system productivity. 
  • Temperature controlled Autosampler (4oC – 60oC) to protect thermolabile samples.

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OMNISEC Software

  • A single user interface for all system set up, acquisition, and data processing.
  • 1-click from raw data to results! 
  • Multi-Detection analysis to give Absolute Molecular weight, Intrinsic viscosity, concentration data and much more. 
  • Conventional and Universal calibration methods to enable traditional retention volume dependent techniques. 
  • Measure conjugate and copolymer compositions using Compositional analysis – enables direct analysis of application specific Drug Antibody Ratio (DAR), viral Titer and cp/vg ratio.
  • Fully automated system start-up, data acquisition and shut down. All you need to do is insert your vials and press Start! 
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant for peace of mind operation in a regulated environment.
  • Free software updates for the life of the instrument, no need to worry about expensive upgrade fees! 

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OMNISEC Software

Key applications

OMNISEC can offer key information to a broad range of applications including: 

Bioscience and Biopharmaceuticals

Quantify key metrics in stability profiling and biosimilarity. Accurately measure monomer, fragments and higher order aggregates independent of column retention volume for protein, viruses, VLP’s and more. Predict and understand immunogenicity and efficacy. 

Application Note: Characterization of IgG monomers and their aggregates

Polymers, Plastics and Elastomers

Control strength, toughness, durability, brittleness, processability and more to optimize the product quality for the desired application. Control product quality by understanding the effects of changing raw material supply, synthesis or manufacturing processes. 

Understand the impact of processing and reprocessing on key material properties using conventional and advanced technologies, such as additive manufacturing. 

Gain a deeper insight into degradation products, additives or impurities present due to polymer recycling processes.

Application Note: GPC/SEC Analysis of Polymer Degradation

Gene therapy 

Directly calculate critical to quality attributes for AAV samples. Percentage of full AAV, cp/vg, and viral titer are all easily accessible to enhance the process development and purification of new drug products. 

Application Note: The importance of Multi-Detection SEC in gene therapy


Protein conjugation analysis allows accurate quantification of protein-polymer ratio, glycoprotein, and drug antibody ratios (DAR). Optimize the bioconjugation process to extend half-life, and cell permeability.  Measure protein detergent ratios of isolated membrane proteins to improve the crystallization process.

Application Note: PEGylated proteins: Optimizing conjugation reactions using triple detection SEC

Paints and Inks

The effectiveness of printed polymers is linked to their macromolecular properties such as molecular weight and structural distributions. Understand the link between printing and the degradation of polymers is critical to ensure the efficacy of the printed pattern is not negatively impacted. 

Webinar: Focus on Polymers - Characterization of Inks with GPC


Polymeric excipient properties relate directly to clinical efficacy, safety, and quality of the product.  Control the viscosity and molecular weight to ensure optimal performance or confirm the quality of sourced materials before they enter your production process. 

Application Note: Understanding the effect of molecular weight and structure on the performance characteristics of cellulose derivatives using OMNISEC

Drug Delivery 

Measure degradation and drug delivery rates. Drug release rates from medicines are directly linked to the structure of the polymeric material used to deliver them. Controlling these structures ensures the final payload is delivered to the correct location. 

Application Note: Optimizing the macromolecular properties of natural polymers for 3D-bioprinting applications

Food and Drinks 

Control the mouthfeel and performance of food products by manipulating the molecular properties (Mw, IV) of the bulk material. 

Optimize the depolymerization of native polysaccharides to produce specific thickening properties.

Monitoring degradation of polysaccharides due to processing or blending of different source materials. 

Application Note: Monitoring degradation of sodium alginate using GPC/SEC



GPC and SEC Columns

GPC/SEC columns for all aqueous and organic applications

GPC and SEC Columns

GPC and SEC Standards

A range of molecular weight standards for different applications of GPC/SEC

GPC and SEC Standards


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OMNISEC REVEAL is easy to use with an intuitive user interface.

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