High precision capillary die assemblies for Rosand rheometers are available in multiple configurations.

  • Additional capillary dies with varying dimensions enable testing of different shear rate ranges and measurement of different viscosity ranges.
  • Capillary die package available to meet ISO1143 requirements.
  • Dies are manufactured from a special grade of tungsten carbide for high wear resistance.
  • Die lengths from nominally ‘zero length’ (0.25mm) to long dies of up to 60mm.
  • Use of a zero length die allows simultaneous determination of shear viscosity and extensional (elongational) viscosity.
  • Die bore diameters from fine bore (0.25mm) up to 3mm.
  • Filled materials may require use of wide bore dies where large particles are present.
  • Die entry angles of 180º and 90º as standard, with other entry angles available on request.
  • User tools available for verification of standard die dimensions and for die cleaning.
  • Special die assemblies available on request.

Rosand capillary rheometers enable controlled extrusion (by volumetric flow) of a sample through a high precision die of known dimensions, typically under conditions of high force (or pressure) and/or high shear rate. Material flow properties (e.g. shear and extensional viscosity) are then determined.

  • The die is mounted at the bottom of the capillary barrel and is held in place by a special die nut.
  • Die assemblies (the die and die nut) are easily interchangeable on Rosand rheometers.
  • The dimensions of the die define the applied shear field – a smaller diameter die will generate higher shear rates for example.
  • The dimensions of the die are selected to be appropriate to the sample type and test under consideration (and also for the pressure range of the pressure transducer in use).

If you are unsure as to specifying appropriate capillary dies for your sample type or measurement application, please contact Malvern for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.

Tungsten carbide
0.5mm to 2mm (in 0.5mm increments) and 3mm as standard. (Other diameters available to special order).
Precision / Repeatability:
Nominally “zero length” (0.25mm) up to 60mm length dies available.
Entry angle:
180° and 90° as standard. (Other die entry angles available to special order).
Fine bore dies:
0.25mm to 0.45mm diameter (in 0.05mm increments). (Maximum length for fine bore dies is 16mm; available with 180° entry angle only).
Go/No Go gauges:
Available for standard diameter dies.
Die cleaning tool:
Available for standard diameter dies.
Temperature range:
5°C to 500°C (temperature option dependent)