PVT accessory comprises special design piston tip and die assembly for sealing the capillary barrel.

  • Enables isothermal testing in order to establish the relationship between pressure and volume at each temperature.
  • Evaluate material compressibility and melt density.
  • Flowmaster software module for test and analysis.
  • Applicable to Rosand RH7/10 capillary rheometers.

The comparative PVT option for Rosand RH7/10 rheometers enables the compressibility of a material to be investigated at constant temperature, and the relationship between pressure, volume and temperature to be established.

  • The PVT option utilizes a special hydraulic seal piston tip and die arrangement to compress a defined volume of fluid at constant temperature.
  • The pressure change is measured as a function of volume.

If you need more detail, or are unsure as to whether the PVT accessory is appropriate for your sample type or measurement application, please contact Malvern for further advice and/or a sample test and evaluation report.

PVT accessory:
System includes: ‘True-seal’ PVT die assembly with hydraulic-seal piston tip system. Flowmaster software module for isothermal PVT test and analysis.
Barrel size:
Options for 9.5mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm and 24mm capillary barrels.
250°C maximum.
Rheometer models:
Rosand RH7/10 only.