The GPCmax is sold as part of the Viscotek TDAmax system, or as a stand-alone module for connection to other chromatography components, such as the RImax, UV/Vis or PDA detectors. Incorporating an isocratic pump, degasser and autosampler, the GPCmax turns any Viscotek detector into a complete standalone system. It can be controlled from the front panel or the OmniSEC software. It includes:

  • Inline degasser to remove dissolved gases and allow optimum performance of the pump.
  • Automatic eluent sensor which will stop the flow if it detects the solvent supply is dangerously low.
  • Dual piston pump for extremely low pulsation and stable eluent flow.
  • Soft start/stop to maximize the lifetime of your columns by protecting them from pressure shocks.
  • Variable volume autosampler handles up to 120 vials, with both heated and cooled sample tray options.
  • Determination of dn/dc or 2nd virial coefficient (A2) determined simply using OmniSEC software.

How it works

The GPCmax contains an integrated pump, autosampler and degasser. Mobile phase, stored in solvent bottles placed on top of the instrument, enters the dual piston pump after passing through the eluent sensor. This will automatically stop the flow if the solvent is exhausted mid-run. An inline degasser then removes dissolved gases from the mobile phase, which improves the baseline on any of the detectors that may be connected. The pump is compatible with any solvent, even acidic buffers.

The autosampler inside the GPCmax can hold up to 120 vials, which can either be heated, or cooled to prevent degradation of the samples over time. The autosampler provides the system with variable, reliable, accurate and reproducible injection volumes, enabling comprehensive macromolecular characterizations to be made with confidence.



Operation and control:
By OmniSEC software or from front panel
Dimensions (W, D, H):
55cm x 53cm x 38cm


Two channels, 8ml per channel
< 0.5ppm oxygen at 0.5ml/min
Eluent sensor:
User selectable, stops GPC pump when eluent runs out


Flow rate range:
0.01 – 9.99 ml/min
Less than 1% (measured with a viscometer)
Pressure reading:
MPa or PSI
Soft start/stop:
User programmable in mL/min/min


Capacity (Standard):
120 vials, freely programmable position sequence
Injection volume:
Variable injection volume, between 20 and 150µL
Better than 0.5%
Less than 0.1%, depending on wash program
Cooling option:
4°C – 40°C
Capacity (with cooling options):
60 vials cooled and freely programmable position sequence
Heated tray option:
65°C fixed in one tray
Capacity (with heating options):
60 vials heated, freely programmable position sequence

Operating environment

15°C – 40°C
35% - 80% non-condensing