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Appropriate dispersion of the individual particles and agglomerates within a sample leads to robust and reliable results. Good spatial separation and representative sampling of the particles is required.  To achieve this, a number of dispersion options are available with the Morphologi 4.

Easy, reproducible, automated sample dispersion 
Morphologi 4 comes with an integrated dry powder dispersion unit.  It enables simple, reproducible preparation of dry powder samples.  A precise amount of sample is dispersed automatically using a unique compressed air dispersion mechanism controlled from within the software, for reproducible dispersions every time. 

Optional accessories – for analysis of particles in suspension 
A range of instrument accessories supports preparation of samples on microscope slides, in wet suspensions or on filters, extending the capability of the Morphologi 4 beyond the characterization of dry sample dispersions.  Each accessory fits directly into the automated stage area and is easily selectable in the Morphologi software.

2-Slide and 4-Slide holders 
‘Sandwiching’ a few μL of a particulate suspension between a microscope slide and a cover slip is a traditional method of sample preparation for microscopy.  Samples are presented in this form using either the 2-slide or 4-slide holder.  The 4-slide holder is supplied with each instrument, and the 2-slide holder can be purchased as an optional extra. 

Wet dispersion cell 
The wet dispersion cell allows between 2 mL and 6 mL of sample to be analyzed. This is particularly useful for characterizing larger suspended particles or where volumetric particle count is important.

Thin-path wet cell 
The thin-path wet cell is designed for both morphological and chemical characterization of up to 100 μL of sample.  It is ideal for applications such as the identification of subvisible particles in therapeutics (described by guidance in USP <787> and USP <788>), especially when a traditional membrane filtering approach may compromise particles of interest, such as protein aggregates.

25 mm and 47 mm diameter filter holders 
Methods used to detect and characterize particles in suspension often rely on capturing the particles on a membrane filter. Dedicated filter holders (25 mm or 47 mm diameter) and also the 2-slide holder allow samples on filter membranes to be presented directly to the instrument for analysis.

Fused silica filters and holder 
Fused silica filters are designed to enable the analysis of filtered samples containing low-contrast particles, such as protein aggregates or contaminant particles.  The fused silica filters are housed in a support for ease of handling, and are presented to the Morphologi in the fused silica holder, which can hold up to 2 filters.

Twin 35 mm petri dish holder 
The twin 35 mm petri dish holder provides an alternative means of measuring suspended particles that may be at risk of being deformed when dispersed into a cell.

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