Occupational health & safety is a non-negotiable commitment, shared by everyone at Malvern Panalytical. We want to give everyone the opportunity to work in a safe working environment. 

We have an approach to occupational health & safety where we believe that everyone within our organization has his or her part to play, this is routinely demonstrated by:

  • Taking individual and collective responsibility for our actions and those of others
  • By not ignoring, or walking by, an unsafe act or unsafe condition
  • Encouraging dialog and removing barriers to communication 
  • Supporting employee involvement throughout the organization 
  • Identifying ways to improve our process and procedures by implementing effective systems
  • Creating a workplace that conforms to our definition of a safe working environment
  • Defining clear H&S objectives and following them by managing KPI’s

We review our performance and the effectiveness of our arrangements periodically, to enable us to determine our next steps forward in our quest for occupational Health & Safety excellence.

Our approach to managing health and safety is based on a systematic appraisal of the hazards and associated risks from our activities and the implementation of appropriate control measures, in order to reduce risk to as low as is reasonably practicable. 

Malvern Panalytical has a comprehensive health & safety training program, consisting of bespoke in-house training modules and externally delivered training modules. Training is given at the point of induction as well as part of continual staff development.

We aim to measure and monitor our performance, by accident and incident investigation, workplace inspections and audits. We use this information to identify and drive continuous improvement.

Download our OHSAS ISO certificate: