November 20 2008 - Ref No: PR1691

In October 2008, more than 350 people attended a series of six one-day seminars focusing on particle sizing by laser diffraction. Held in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, the seminars were organised by ATA Scientific and sessions were led by Dr Paul Kippax, product manager for diffraction systems at Malvern Instruments. The seminars examined the importance and practical issues involved in optimising and getting the most from laser diffraction measurements using systems such as the Mastersizer 2000, and also introduced other related sizing techniques.

Tony McDonagh, marketing manager of ATA Scientific, was pleased the success of the seminars and the amount of positive feedback he has received. “Our aim was to answer some commonly raised questions and help people continue to get the maximum return from their laser diffraction systems. We also took the opportunity to look at complementary particle characterization techniques that are of interest to many laser diffraction users, including image analysis based systems.”

Attendees came from many different areas of industry and academia. “The mix of people certainly made for some lively and stimulating debate with everyone very willing to share their experience and expertise,” said Paul Kippax. “It was a real pleasure to be involved in such constructive and informed discussion and I think we all came away having learned something from one another.”

Malvern plans to continue working with ATA Scientific in running seminars that will explore the range of materials characterization techniques provided by Malvern Instruments. The company is committed to helping its customers realise the maximum value from their investment through ongoing training and via its global technical and applications support network. Complementing the activities of local support teams, Malvern‘s dynamic and comprehensive website delivers information, interactive education, training and support worldwide, providing access to a wealth of product, technical and applications information.

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