October 08 2013 - Ref No: PR2799

Malvern Instruments is to showcase the company’s range of analytical solutions for pharmaceutical materials characterization on Booth #3145 at the 2013 AAPS Annual Meeting & Exposition, from 11-14 November in San Antonio TX, USA. Visitors can tap into the expertise of Malvern’s technical and applications specialists and find out how the company’s range of technologies and instrumentation provides valuable information across the entire pharmaceutical development spectrum, from pre-formulation through to quality control. Visit Booth #3145 and http://www.malvern.com/pharma to find out about Malvern’s pharmaceutical industry solutions.

New systems on show will include the Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 multi-angle light scattering detector for GPC/SEC. The new Viscotek SEC-MALS 20 has more detectors than any other commercially available multi angle light scattering system and provides the increased low angle detection necessary to ensure accurate molecular weight calculation for polymer, protein and macromolecular species.

Malvern’s booth will also feature the world-leading Mastersizer 3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer and systems from the Zetasizer Nano range, which offer measurement of particle size, zeta potential, molecular weight, protein mobility and microrheology.  

Malvern’s range of technologies and instrumentation spans pharmaceutical development and manufacturing processes and provide in depth insight into pharmaceutical molecules. They deliver information on a wide variety of key performance parameters such as size, distribution, zeta potential, molecular weight and viscosity, for a broad range of sample sizes and types.

Experts will be on hand throughout the event for instrument demonstrations and to discuss aspects on the entire range, from established Malvern techniques through to newly released analytical solutions.

Together Malvern’s range of analytical techniques provides comprehensive analysis for every facet of pharmaceutical development and manufacture. For more information visit http://www.malvern.com/pharma