Protein stability is important in numerous disciplines, ranging from basic and medical biochemistry to pharmaceutical sciences. However, it is rare that researchers from all of the relevant areas can join together to discuss the critical issues in the field. The 2017 Colorado Protein Stability Conference provides a unique forum for this exchange of information. The topics to be covered include: protein folding, dynamics and thermodynamic stability; amyloidosis and protein aggregation; and stability, formulation, analysis and processing of therapeutic proteins.

The scientific sessions will consist of plenary lectures by leading researchers. In addition, contributed papers will be presented during a poster session. To foster exchange of information, attendance will be limited to the first 200 registrants, and there will be ample opportunity for informal discussions.

Malvern Instruments is proud to sponsor a complimentary Workshop on Biophysical Characterization and Particle Analysis on Monday, July 17th, following a complimentary lunch. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to interact with technical experts and advanced users. There will be time to troubleshoot issues, learn how to better understand your data (feel free to bring it along!), and to network with others using these techniques for stability profiling and characterization of particles.  There will be scientists with a wide range of interests in attendance on the day, and we welcome everyone, from novices to expert users.

The registration fee covers conference registration, pre-Conference workshop, abstract booklet, breakfast and lunch each day, morning and afternoon coffee breaks, and opening and closing receptions with buffet dinner and beverages.