X-ray diffraction has undoubtedly been integral towards materials science research. We want to gather the XRD community to share knowledge and gain ideas on how to improve materials research. For the upcoming series of Malvern Panalytical’s XRD workshops across the Asia Pacific region, we have invited our leading application specialist, Dr Olga Narygina, to share her knowledge.

Olga was previously the Application Specialist in our Supply Centre in the Netherlands, and has recently moved to Brisbane, Australia. Her specialization is in powder X-ray diffraction at ambient and non-ambient conditions. Alongside esteemed researchers from the University of Queensland, she will take you through basics of X-ray diffraction for the analysis of geological and synthetic materials and present various examples of cutting-edge in operando / in-situ research.

In this special edition of XRD hands-on learning workshops, we invite attendees to bring their powder samples. Try your hand at properly preparing your sample, analysing it on our latest tabletop X-ray diffractometer and interpreting the results using our HighScore software.