Materials analysis in pharmaceuticals is critical towards ensuring the research formulation and de-formulation as well as product manufacturing. In this dedicated workshop, our team of Application Specialists will be discussing analytical techniques such as X-ray diffraction to improve your knowledge on proper data collection, analysis and interpretation. In addition, they will share about the latest USP analytical techniques as part of GMP which are leveraged in other sites of GSK globally. These include elemental and morphological screen.

Improving your XRD analysis
09:00 Proper data collection, analysis and interpretation
10:15 Proper maintenance and performance checks of X-ray diffractometer
10:30 Question and answer
10:45 Tea break

Good manufacturing practises
11.00 New USP approved alternative elemental screening of contaminants, residual catalysts in APIs and more
11:30 Improved bioequivalence characterization through unambiguous particle size and shape distribution measurement of the API
12:00 Question and answer
12:30 End