Fundaments and practical techniques of X-ray fluorescence analysis using energy dispersive spectrometers (Epsilon 1, Epsilon 3 range, MiniPal, MiniPal 2 or MiniPal 4) are treated in this course.

Emphasis is placed on the hands-on training using the spectrometer and its software. Practical aspects of parameter selection, matrix effects, qualitative and quantitative analysis, calibration, recalibration/drift correction and results analysis are dealt with extensively. The course is composed of lectures and hands-on sessions using the Epsilon 3 range of spectrometers available in our Application Competence Center, Almelo, The Netherlands.

The following aspects will be covered during the course:

• Basic theory of X-ray fluorescence and instrumentation

• Qualitative & Quantitative analysis

• Application Setup

• Calibration, Matrix effect & Sources of errors

• Omnian standardless analysis

• Recalibration/drift correction