Malvern Panalytical is proud to roll out the market’s first ever bespoke XRD training for pharmaceutical companies. Special care has been taken to design this programme, using pharmaceutical examples and challenges. This online course would not be possible without the hours of feedback and content curation by our esteemed pharmaceutical industry experts, Prof T N Gururow  and Dr K Vyas. Look forward to an informative and hands-on training. This programme is a great booster for employee development as well as succession planning. That is why we strongly encourage companies to send a team of employees for this bespoke programme. 

This advanced programme is level 2 of a 2-part programme. It will cover both theory and hands-on tutorials on advanced level XRD analysis. For instance polymorphism, indexing and space group mapping, structure solution analysis and other advanced level analytical methods like SAXS, PDF, in-situ XRD and XRF analysis. 

As part of this bespoke programme, the first ever in the market, you will receive these benefits: 

  1. Certificate of attendance
  2. Relevant XRD literature 
  3. FREE HighScore Plus trial software 
  4. SOPs 
  5. This is level 2 of a 2-part training programme. If you would like to get training on the Pharma XRD fundamentals like polymorphism, crystallinity & amorphous quantification, cluster analysis, BitMap conversion, check out our level 1 programme here
  6. Indicate your interest to receive a quotation

Want more privacy and tailored learning? Opt for group trainings for your company 

  1. Enjoy the above mentioned benefits PLUS
  2. Get added engagement opportunities with our experts. All with the privacy and freedom to consult with our specialists 
  3. SOPs that are tailored to your process
  4. Receive a tailored programme discussing your company's specific challenges and data
  5. Talk to us about pricing and preferred dates