In metals production, rapid and accurate elemental analysis is essential for process monitoring and quality assurance. When it comes to quality control, it is crucial to ensure supreme material characterization of the finished products in order to assure that the most stringent product specifications are met. In this respect, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) can provide a practical and accurate tool for material characterization, offering several advantages over other techniques currently used to investigate defects. Typical benefits are easy or no sample preparation, immediate availability to perform trouble shooting analysis at process control, less dependence from R&D central laboratories and consequently shorter feedback loops to production.

In this webinar we will examine various application examples from the analysis of segregation at casting to the analysis of segregation at welding and learn how the metals production can benefit from the novel approach of combining wavelength dispersive and energy dispersive XRF in the Metals edition of the Zetium spectrometer and ultimately how the Small Spot Mapping analysis equipment can contribute to overall process optimization and product quality. A question and answer session will conclude the presentation.
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