Traditionally, quality control of iron ore and iron ore sinter has relied on time-consuming
wet-chemical analysis. The mineralogical composition that defines the physical properties such as hardness or reducibility is currently not monitored. X-ray diffraction (XRD) is capable of delivering rapid and accurate analysis of all incoming raw materials, intermediate products as well as finished products. It is ideal for monitoring and assuring the highest standards for process and quality control. However, the use of XRD is often considered a big step in terms of initial investment and operator training.

To make XRD accessible to everyone, PANalytical introduces a novel XRD approach: a new tabletop diffractometer, which is cost-effective and designed for ease of use. In this webinar, we are going to illustrate the benefits of this instrument – the most innovative benchtop diffractometer available on the market – for the metals industry, and show how it can address the most stringent industry needs. The webinar targets industrial as well as academic XRD users from metals-related industries.
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