Fecha registrada: July 26 2017

This webinar focuses on the application of meat properties and analysis and features ASD’s LabSpec® 4 and ASD Distributor Partner Bonsai Advanced Technology’s Meat Probe.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Analysis of key parameters to monitor and ensure meat quality 
  • Possible near-infrared (NIR) applications in meat quality 
  • Examples of Applications developed with LabSpec® 4 system in meat quality:
        o    Case study on microbiological quality in-situ of chicken
        o    Differentiation of species in beef products
        o    Feasibility study for on-site determination of chemical composition (fat, protein and  moisture) on intact sausages
        o    Determination of cured ham rancidity degree
Table of contents
1. July - Re-record - Meat Property Analysis Using LabSpec