Earlier you had seen the launch of our Empyrean series 3. With its unique multi-core optics, we introduced convenience, little or no operator training and the ability to handle different samples types for high end research. The Empyrean series 3 is able to handle a variety of sample types from powder, thin films, nanomaterials and more. What’s more you can pre-load the samples in our automated batch sampler, press a button to analyse and step away to do other work. No more hassle of changing optics or waiting by your instrument to finish each experiment.

High-end X-ray diffraction is ultimately about flexibility and efficiency in data collection and ultimate quality of data. Detectors play a central role in X-ray experiments in terms of measuring the physical, structural and chemical properties of materials in fine detail. And further to the Empyrean series 3 model, Malvern Panalytical continually innovates our line of X-ray diffractometers and accessories to support more high-end research. With this, we have designed and engineered a new XRD to continually support your challenging XRD research. 

Join the grand unveiling of our newest detector during the asia pacific timezone 
- Tackle absorption, reflection, scattering, fluorescence and other challenging samples with ease
- Great for high-end XRD research
- Whether in thin films, nanomaterials, hard radiation, pharmaceuticals and more
- Bringing superior XRD data quality and performance to the next level
- Power packed combination when paired with our Empyrean series 3 X-ray diffractometer
- Why not read more in our blog
- Be part of our live demo and judge for yourself! 

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