Earlier you had seen the launch of our latest XRD detector, the 1Der. It is our high-end detector that can tackle challenging samples that other detectors in the market find difficulty in. You had also seen how it nicely complements our X-ray diffractometer range - the Empyrean series 3 and can be an add-on to the multi-core optics.

During this webinar, we invite you to our application laboratory in our supply center in the Netherlands. Our XRD scientist, Dr. Bao Zhaohui would be sharing in more detail as he conducts various experiments and demonstrates the superior data quality that 1Der is capable of.

Look forward to the following:

  • Live demonstration
  • See how it can be an add-on to the Empyrean Series 3 multi-core optics
  • See how together, you can achieve superior data quality for even challenging samples and for various high-end research applications
  • Attend our launch in the Asia time zoned for more exciting details!

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