Fecha registrada: November 25 2020

This webinar is the last part of our Masterclass Training Series. We have talked about the basics of laser diffraction and some factors that affect the reproducibility of results. We will now zoom into some industrial applications of laser diffraction and illustrate how particle size can be used to understand product performance and control production processes across various sectors.

In addition, we will look at supporting techniques such as automated image analysis in more detail. Laser diffraction provides rapid particle size measurement, but this is achieved through assuming that measured particles are spherical. While this is enough for the needs of product quality control, automated image analysis plays an important role towards determining product performance. Depending on your purpose, you may wish more irregular particle shapes for added surface area and hence adjoining to viruses. Or you may choose to have more regulated particle shapes to influence stability and durability. Our application specialist will discuss various industrial examples to help you expand your applications.

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