Particulate matter is a growing threat to air quality and public health. And there are many sources of emission, for instance transportation, heavy industries and more emit toxic elements like Pb, V, Cd into the air. Smaller types of particulate matter (PM), known as PM2.5 and PM10 particles, are especially damaging when inhaled. As these effects become increasingly understood, governments and authorities have been implementing tougher restrictions against particulate air pollution.

To effectively uphold these restrictions, authorities need an accurate understanding of air quality. This means being able to accurately gauge the concentration of airborne particulates within a certain area. Advanced elemental analysis technology can play an important role in this by enabling more accurate profiling of air particles.

During this air pollution webinar series, we invite experts from Malvern Panalytical as well as industrial specialists as panel speakers. In our first webinar, we shed more light on the regulations and the methodologies for low limits of detection, accurate and rapid elemental monitoring. This is with a strong intention on helping service laboratories and governmental agencies to identify the source and control the level of pollution.

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