Interested to learn more about XRD sample preparation, sample loading onto an XRD and data analysis on the software platform? Join our XRD scientists as they demonstrate on respirable silica dust filters as well as mineral samples using the latest Aeris compact XRD model.

During this live demonstration from our Sydney premises, you can be sure to see how: 

  • To properly prepare your powder mineral or respirable silica dust filters
  • See how the Aeris is the only compact XRD in the market - requiring no external chiller; simply 1 plug for power and you're ready to operate! 
  • The Aeris is intuitive and easy to operate; requiring little or no operator training
  • Witness the high quality results garnered in a rapid amount of time; beneficial especially if you need to make timely decisions to limit your workers' exposure to RCS or to alter your mineral process
  • Also you can see your sample analysed in real-time via the touch-screen pad on the Aeris
  • Moreover, you can zoom in on the results to see fine details on the polymorphs
  • Finally, and importantly, our specialists will demonstrate using Malvern Panalytical's XRD software on the results analysis and interpretation 
  • Join especially if you want to learn more about XRD, proper experimental set up and if you are evaluating the performance of XRD in the market