Material Characterization Additive Manufacturing Seminar

Focusing on the requirements and techniques used to characterise and qualify materials (and parts) for additive manufacturing - polymers, composites, and metals.

Netzsch and Malvern Panalytical will also be giving a practical introduction to their key characterisation tools for additive manufacturing, including:

Thermal Analysis

Particle Characterisation

X-ray analysis

Full agenda coming soon....


We are pleased to be joined by many different speakers from different organisations:

Adam Saxty (Lloyd's Register)

Alec Redman (Trek Bikes)

Candice Majewski (The University of Sheffield)

Enrico Gallino (Ricoh)

Jason Dawes (Manufacturing Technology Centre)

Natalie Rudolph (Netzsch)

Ria Mitchell (TUoS)

Robert Deffley (The University of Sheffield)

Robert Setter (TU Munich)

Rob Plaskitt (Prenscia)

Scott Speakman (Malvern Panalytical)