Improving the world we live in

Materials research has been instrumental towards a better quality of life. Without pushing the limits of science, we wouldn’t be having better, safer, longer lasting electronics, plastic components and more. Undoubtedly, X-ray diffraction (XRD) has been integral towards materials science research. As we gather the XRD community in Singapore to celebrate science and innovation within the field.

In this inaugural symposium on improving the world we live in with XRD, we are honoured to be in the presence of international scientists from Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore and more. Addressing this symposium is a specially invited guest from Malvern Panalytical's supply center in the Netherlands, Dr Martin Schreyer.
They will share their cutting-edge research including non-ambient, small angle X-ray scattering, thin film, PDF, battery components and more.

Moreover, look out for the exciting launch of our multipurpose X-ray diffractometer, the Empyrean, which comes fully equipped with artificial intelligence to seamlessly switch between experimental stages. Certainly, a perfect companion for advanced XRD research in academia.

Energy storage

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Prof Timothy White

Dr Wei Fengxia

Dr M.V. Reddy

Associate Vice President
(Infrastructure and
President's Office, Research
Director for Engineering &
Physical Sciences, President's
Office Professor, NTU
Research Scientist,
Senior Research Fellow,
NUS Physics

Honorary Panellist

Keynote presentation:

Keynote presentation:

Exploring the properties of
lead-free hybrid double
Use of X-ray diffraction
technique for the
characterization of battery

Life sciences

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6. Prof Gerhard Gruber.jpg

Dr He Chaobin

Dr Connie Liu

Dr Gerhard Grüber

Principal Scientist,
IMRE & Associate Professor,
NUS MSE (Engineering)
Research Scientist,
A*STAR (IMRE - Structural
Materials & ICES - Polymer
Engineering & Characterisation
NTU Biological Sciences

Keynote presentation:

Keynote presentation:

Keynote presentation:

Application of SAXS to
Polymer studies

Importance of
microstructure in the
performance of surfactants,
formulations and complex

Protein delivery systems
for drug therapies
including TB, malaria and

Advanced XRD

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8. Dr Samuel Morris.jpg
9. Dr Wu Yue.jpg

Dr Lam Yeng Ming

Dr Samuel A Morris

Dr Wu Yue

Associate Chair (Research),
Research Fellow,
NTU Facility for Analysis,
Characterisation, Testing &
Research Fellow,
Keynote presentation:Keynote presentation:
Between order and
disorder: Using Pair
Distribution Function to
investigate zeolitic
In-situ synchrotron studies
on materials formation
of metal organic